Recording Studio

"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible." - Frank Zappa

Photo By: Hill Baker

Recording Studio Rates

$25.00 per hour

Up to 18 channels of live tracking available


Mics: Shure Beta 52, AKG D112, Shure SM57 (x3), Sennheiser e604 (x3), Sennheiser e609, Shure SM58 (x4), Shure SM7, Shure sm81 (x2), Rode NT4, Rode NT5 (x2), AKG 414 XLS, Telefunken Copperhead Tube Mic

Software: Pro Tools

Outboard: Aurora Audio GTQC, Avalon U5, Audient ASP008, ATI 8MX2

Instruments: PRS LE 24 Maple, Fender Jazz Bass, Taylor acoustic, Gibson Les Paul Studio