"Kyle rocks! His live recordings at The Toad Tavern are superb ... Denver musicians simply won't find a better deal for live demos or CD projects." - David Scott & Bad Candy

"Kyle of Zendelicious Studios is an exceptionally talented sound engineer and equally skilled musician with an amazing ear for details.  His relaxed demeanor and deep musical knowledge make for a exceptional studio experience." - Tage Plantell

"It's rare to come across an individual who has the ears of a great sound engineer AND the musical sensibilities of a professional player.  Kyle brings both of these elements to the table when you work with him, and does it all with humility, an open mind, and a positive attitude.  He simply delivers the goods." Hill Baker

"Kyle Zender has become one of the premier sound engineer's in Denver, Colorado over the last few years.  I am proud to say that I work closely with him and would recommend his fantastic ears, skills and knowledge to anyone who is looking for an experienced sound man or recording engineer" - Mark Sundermeier, Toad Tavern

"If it's Kyle we're talking about, then hear, hear! ...obvious pun intended. Our Toad experiences with him have been really good." - Billboard Bob - denvermusicboard.com